Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm official!

So I'm officially an assistant buyer!!!!

Last week was crazy! We had so much to do, and then it all built up to Thursday, Graduation day!! We had our presentations, then....graduation and CAKE!! Afterward it was back to work, and I just stayed in the same area I've been working in. Then on Wednesday I finally got the call from HR to come down and talk about my placement.

And.....I am staying in accessories, but moving over to handbags!! I am now officially the assistant buyer for better open sell handbags. My buyer--Laura--is awesome and I know we are going to get along so well. I'm especially excited to stay in accessories. I love all the people there and the other assistants are great.

I had my first official day today and it went well.....I didn't mess up and mark the whole department down or anything haha. Next week I have my first vendor meeting--Jessica Simpson handbags--and the crazy thing is the sales rep is based out of Richmond! I talked to her a bit today, she was so excited to hear that I graduated from VCU, and I was happy to hear of someone who had heard of VCU! Anyways, they are coming on Wednesday, so that should be fun, though I will be missing the vendor dinner because my parents are coming to town!!! (Which is also exciting!)

Ok, time to go watch more olympics!!

PS-----I'm going to be in Richmond for Labor Day!!! :)

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terri russell said...

It's me Terri in Richmond. Sounds like life is exciting there in Atlanta! Good for you. Send me your accurate email address again please..don't know what I did with it and need to discuss a check with you.