Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SUMIFs make me hot!

Ok first of all I want to say how freakin awesome it is that I am updating this on my blackberry while waiting for the MARTA!!!

Work this week has been nuts. Just as I suspected, we had quite a few stores impacted by hurricane Ike...some of which may not be reopening for quite some time. What does that mean to us?? It means rerouting merchandise, cancelling orders, revising sales plans, etc. A lot of extra work, but I enjoy the challenges and the day sure does go by quicker when you have a lot to do!

What I didn't enjoy was moving back from temporary space into our newly remodeled permanent floor and have a ton of my shit, and my bosses shit, either missing or halfway across the floor in someone elses cube. Or the fact that after 2 days my phone line still is not working!! Makes it hard to call vendors to reroute merchandise when you have no phone!!

What is really cool is that I took an advanced excel formulas class this week at work and have since become obsessed with SUMIFs and VLOOKUPs. I've been able to create some really cool summary sheets that will help my buyer analyze sales in some different ways. It's always good when you can make your boss's job easier! It's so lame, but I got incredibly excited when I finished one of said summary sheets today.

Not too much else going on around here...did anyone else see the season premiere of SNL??? Tina fey as sarah palin was hilarious!!!

Ok almost to my stop...that's all for now!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally settling into a routine...

So it's been a long while since I've not only had time, but felt like sitting in front of the computer long enough to update this thing! After sitting in front of a computer for over 8 hours each day, I rarely feel like doing more of that when I get home!

Things are finally starting to settle down and feel more normal here in Atlanta. Work is going great! My boss and I are learning (sometimes painfully) how to best work with each other, and I've already began to learn a lot from her. In addition to my daily responsibilities, I was asked by my DMM (my boss's boss, who is over all of the accessories buyers) to be assistant buyer representative for accessories during the United Way Campaign. We've done a lot of cool thing so far, and the official fundraising week is coming up next week. Last week I worked with the other ABs in my area to collect samples and monetary donations from our vendors to create compelling gift baskets to be raffled off. Overall, we collected over $10,000 in merchandise and cash donations!!! Not too shabby :)

Work is getting easier each day, as well. When I first got in to my new position it was a little hectic trying to figure out where everything was, what was done before me, etc....so I did a lot of problem solving on a daily basis that really ate up a lot of my time. But now that I've been there for about a month, most of the things I'm dealing with relate to things I've been doing and organizing, so I know exactly where to find the answers, I know the merchandise a little better, etc. I am really loving working in handbags. (PS ladies---deep purple/eggplant handbags are the thing to have this fall!) My fellow ABs have been so helpful in making the transition easy for me, and I'm starting to feel completely comfortable around them. In fact, today I went over to Christina's house to watch the Redskins game with her!!! Yes, I found a fellow Skins fan, who happens to have Sunday Ticket :)

I've fallen into a routine outside of work, too. I've found that actually being home has made it so much easier to keep my room, kitchen, living space nice and neat. Every Saturday morning I run errands and clean, then I just relax on Sundays. I've been staying in on the weekends for the most part...I've actually been making some progress on my Credit Cards and I want to keep it that way! I've already paid off 2 cards, and with the progress I've been making, I should be able to have the balances down enough to just about finish paying the rest of with my tax refund next year!! I'm still incredibly broke, but the good thing is that it's because I've been paying my bills, not because I don't have enough money too! Plus, I have had plenty of practice being broke, so I'm a pro at bargain grocery shopping now :) It feels good to be finally begin to get my life in order!

I recently signed up to be an online tutor for a little of extra money, which I thought would be good for the holidays. My roommate, Kelly, has a friend who does the hiring for brainfuse.com, so Kelly and I both signed up. I can set my own hours, and get $10 an hour while tutoring, and $7 an hour while waiting for a student to sign on. Not to shabby, since I can do it while sitting in my pajamas!! I'm in the process of completing training, so hopefully I'll be able to start after this week.

Mom and Dad came to visit last month, and it was great to show them my apartment, and where I go for fun and stuff. And they are coming back for Thanksgiving, with Jackie and Vi!! We'll more than likely be going to the Macy's Lenox Square Tree Lighting, too, which I am really excited about! Brian is coming to visit in less than two weeks, then also for Halloween. I can't wait to introduce him to all my friends here in ATL and show him off :)

Speaking of visiting, April and George may be coming down for new years, which I think would be a blast. I need to know if anyone else may be interested....so email me asap and tell me your thoughts! We can go watch the Peach Drop in Downtown ATL!!

Also...Sample Sale Oct 1....any requests??

Ok, time to go relax, Monday morning will be here soon!