Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekly Recap

So it's late on Thursday again, here I go with my big long weekly recap! I've learned a TON this week, it was kind of overwhelming the first few days but today it was starting to all make some more sense.

Here is what I have learned:

Reports- I was at work at 7:15 Monday Morning and learned all about our reports that we run to analyze sales (we run them every monday). Then I got to attend the best sellers meeting with our DMM! Later that day I took a few classes on how to use their business analyzing tools and some cool programs to run really fancy detailed reports. But more importantly I learned how to read them and what everything meant!

Price changes and promos- I looked at this a little bit but will learn the bulk of it next week.

Shipping and Logistics- We learned about this today. I got to see how we track shipments of merchandise, what to do when part of it doesn't book, and learned about the whole process that the DC goes through to get the merchandise out the door to the stores. Sounds boring but was actually pretty interesting!

PO Entry and Maintenence: We learned how to create, enter, transmit, maintain, update, cancel, and any other thing you can think of to purchase orders (POs). A good portion of my job revolves around these, so it was very important!

Those are the main things I learned, not too bad for only 4 days!!!

Tomorrow is a big first paycheck, and I'm flying home to VA to see my boyfriend. AND my friend is getting MARRIED!!!!!! :)

Time for bed..I have an early flight. More updates next week!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week one at my new job!

Ok so it's been quite a while since I've updated...mostly because I've been so exhausted from work when I get home....but in a good way!!!

Ok so I will just recap each day here.

Monday was my first day and I wasn't nervous at all...just really excited!! It was a pretty standard "first day"....we did paperwork, orientation, ice breakers, building tours....etc. The most exciting part of our day was learning where we will be training!! I got put in women's hosiery (which includes pantyhose, socks, slippers, tights, and beach flip flops). I'm really excited because I not only get to learn about a women's business (which I know nothing about),but also I get to learn about a basics business (instead of a more fashion driven business).

Tuesday was a little better. We did "retailology 101" in the morning, which was kind of like an introduction to macys and the retail world. It was cool though because it was in a game we split up into teams and played back and forth quiz questions. Then did a role playing like game. It was kind of like "pick your ending" stories, except with retail scenerios and a dice. Example: if you roll a 1 2 or 3, your predicitions for tailored leather jackets in black was right on, if you roll a 4 5 or 6, you had bad luck because Halle Balle showed up to the people choice awards in a lime green unstructured jacket and that is what evryone wants, not your black jackets!! It was good because it showed how unpredictable and uncontrollable the retail world is, and how much a little miscalculation can effect your bottom line.

After lunch we learned how to map our drives, use lotus notes, the mainframe system, etc. Then we got to watch an hour long interactive sexual harassment DVD (yayyyy) haha!

Wednesday was even better...! We started out with a game about Macy's and the principles of our corporation, then learned about the four target customers of Macy's. THEN we got to walk to the Perimeter Center store across the street and walk the floor with some other assistant buyers. The AB I was with used to live in Richmond!! After lunch in the food court, we went back and had a course on financial analysis and we got to see some of the screens we will be using to run reports.

Today was by far the best day! In the morning we took an "intermediate excel" class and I learned quite a few tricks. Then we got to have a question and answer session with some other ABs about the job and what our buyer will expect from us. THEN we got lunch (provided by the company...fajitas, yum!) and got to meet our coaches and the buying office we will be working in!!! My coach is Megan Wilson, and she is so great! She really knows her stuff and I can tell I will be learning a lot by working with her. My buyer and planner are really nice too, even my DMM (who is above the buyer) was so welcoming and not intimidating at all. We went and walked the floor for our division, and went over her expectations of me and vice versa. I also got to sit in on the last part of a style out which was really interesting! This is a great time for us to be starting because we are getting ready to do all the holiday assortments and ads so we will see the craziest part of they year in the next few months!!! After work we had our first happy hour as a group...and I got $2.50 Margaritas. YUM!

Another fun thing I did this week was went bowling with my cousin Steven! We joined a bowling league so every Wednesday night we will be bowling! I bowled a 142 (yay!!!), a 90 (Boo) and like a 114. Hopefully next week I will be a little more consistent, haha!

Ok its time for friends then bed, tomorrow is my last day of the week!! I can't wait until Monday, we get to spend a whole half day in our buying office, yay!

Everyone have a great weekend!!!! :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Today's the day!

I start my new job today!!!! Stay tuned for details...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where did this week go to????

I've been up to a lot and also a lot of nothing this week.

Wednesday after posting I worked allllllll day unpacking, and I got the whole place completely finished!

Thursday I rewarded myself by doing NOTHING. I went to the pool for a little bit and hung out around the apartment. That night I went to my little cousin, Nicole's, dance recital out in Canton! We went to Chili's afterwards and it was so yummy!

Friday was my errands running day. I started my morning out by getting up early and did a test run of the MARTA (how I am going to get to work). I left my building at 8:15, got on the train by 8:25, and was at the office by 8:45. Perfect!

After my MARTA run I went to Target, Publix, and Walmart to pick up some food and other stuff, and of course stuff for my Assistant Buyer Dinner that was Friday night!

Everyone started arriving at around 6PM and we had such a great time! We had lots of yummy food and it was great to get to know some of the people I will be working with. In fact, one of the girls is coming over this afternoon and me, her, and my roommate are going to go see the Sex and the City Movie! Below are some pictures of just some of the buyers I will be working with!

Yesterday I spent all day in Canton for my other cousin's dance recital and then dinner. Today is my last day before I join the "real world" so I plan on relaxing! :) I'll definitely post more tomorrow after my first day!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Good Morning!!

So I am here in Atlanta and I love it so far!

Friday we went and picked up the Uhaul and loaded it up. I finished all of my move out cleaning and we finally went to bed around 2 AM!!! Saturday was a great day, I drove up to MD to visit my family, it was my niece's first birthday! I can't believe she is ONE already! She is so smart and big, I miss seeing her already!!

Saturday evening I drove back to Richmond, picked up Brian, and packed up the last few things, then hit the road about 11:30 PM. The ride was great, we didn't hit any traffic or bad weather, in fact there wasn't really anyone except us on the road! The only thing that happened was the cat, he kinda sorta freaked out!!!! I kept him out of his carrier, I had a harness/leash I put on him and set him in the seat in between us. He cried for about 2 hours (we just turned up the radio), then he fell asleep and slept the rest of the way!! When we got here he was terrified....he found this little tiny space in my bathroom between the wall and the cabinet and hid in there for 3 hours!!! He is fine now though, he loves being the only kitty in the house!!!!

So we got here arounjd 8:45 AM on Sunday. I finally got to meet my roomie and I love her already :) She had made me a little "Welcome to Atlanta" gift basket with some candles and body wash, a picture frame, and gift cards to Publix, Target, and Ikea!! It was so nice :) She had some guy friends here to help unload, and we got everything done in under two hours. After we dropped off the Uhaul we went to Chipotle for lunch, then grocery shopping at Walmart (which is right down the road...yay!!)

The only thing I don't like about ATL is that I don't know where anything is! I get nervous to venture out to find something because there is so much construction, I'm afraid I'm going to take a wrong turn and get lost. But I haven't yet!

Sunday night we went to my Aunt Tina and Uncle David's house for dinner. It was so yummy, I love cooking out, it's one of my favorite parts of summer! The girls are getting so big, too. I saw them 2 years ago last so you can imagine how much they've grown. After dinner all of the moving finally caught up to me, I definitely fell asleep on the couch! So we skipped out and headed home for some much needed sleep.

Monday we were finally well rested and took advantage of the day to put stuff together! Brian was awesome, he put together my dresser and desk, helped me re-arrange the living room and unpack a ton! We also hung some mirrors and stuff. We took a break to take a trip to Ikea. It was both of our's first time in an Ikea, I could have spent all day in there! (And a lot of money!). But we managed to find exactly what I was looking for...a basic coffee table, and it was only $29.99! (I had a gift card for $30!) We also got an end table to match for $13! They were the final touches to our living room and I love the way the space turned out!! (More pictures here)

We cooked dinner on Monday night and watched a movie and tried to relax on our last night together for awhile. Then yesterday morning we got up early, had breakfast, and took Brian to the airport. It was so hard to say goodbye, but, I get to see him again soon! I busied myself for the rest of yesterday by unpacking, I have most of the boxes unpacked, though I need a home for everything now!!!

THEN last night my cousins (on my mom's side) came over! Steven is 19 and Rachel is getting ready to turn 18, and I haven't seen them in about 10 years!!! We just hung out and played cards and caught up. Starting next Wednesday myself, Steven, and my Uncle are doing a bowling league! I'm so excited to have a weekly thing to look forward to and I'll get shoes at the end of it! :)

Today is more unpacking, I think I'm going to go check out our fitness center this morning and maybe reward myself with some pool time later!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! I miss you all and I can't wait for you to come visit!!!! :)