Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where did this week go to????

I've been up to a lot and also a lot of nothing this week.

Wednesday after posting I worked allllllll day unpacking, and I got the whole place completely finished!

Thursday I rewarded myself by doing NOTHING. I went to the pool for a little bit and hung out around the apartment. That night I went to my little cousin, Nicole's, dance recital out in Canton! We went to Chili's afterwards and it was so yummy!

Friday was my errands running day. I started my morning out by getting up early and did a test run of the MARTA (how I am going to get to work). I left my building at 8:15, got on the train by 8:25, and was at the office by 8:45. Perfect!

After my MARTA run I went to Target, Publix, and Walmart to pick up some food and other stuff, and of course stuff for my Assistant Buyer Dinner that was Friday night!

Everyone started arriving at around 6PM and we had such a great time! We had lots of yummy food and it was great to get to know some of the people I will be working with. In fact, one of the girls is coming over this afternoon and me, her, and my roommate are going to go see the Sex and the City Movie! Below are some pictures of just some of the buyers I will be working with!

Yesterday I spent all day in Canton for my other cousin's dance recital and then dinner. Today is my last day before I join the "real world" so I plan on relaxing! :) I'll definitely post more tomorrow after my first day!!

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Sara said...

The place looks great Jess! I hope you have a good time at the movie, I really liked it! :)