Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So after months of searching I finally posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate, and believe it or not, I found a normal one!!! (Haha)

Everyone , meet Kelly, my new roommate!

She is the same age as me, love animals, and has been in ATL for the past year, so she is able to do all the legwork of the apartment hunting. IN FACT, we may have already found a place, you can see pics here.

The place is in downtown ATL, within walking distance to everything we could possibly need. The MARTA (it's like ATL's metro/subway) is literally across the street from the building, which means I could take it to work every day and save a boatload on gas and frustration from driving in the traffic!! Right around the corner is a library, park, various restaurants and shops, a few pubs, etc etc. It's in our price range and right now is at the top of our list for a place to live, so keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Finding a roomie and almost finding a place has made me so incredibly excited about moving to Atlanta!! This time in 2 months I will be a Georgia Peach!

OH, and only 44 days until graduation!!!!

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