Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Long Update...again

So I've learned so much since my last post!!! A lot of the same things that I posted about before, but just more in depth. In fact, starting this week, I am doing a lot of the responsibilities by myself!

Last week I got to help with all kinds of things, and I got to sit in on a holiday ad meeting, and a vendor meeting to help pick out Spring 09 fashion socks :)

Today I had my midpoint review, and it went REALLY well! My trainer, and my buyer, both said I'm doing really really well and they had been very impressed with me! They talk to HR tomorrow about me, and they think I will be placed into my department in the next couple of weeks. Actually, they asked me if I felt ready to be placed, and if I felt ready, they felt I was, too. But I don't want to rush anything....if I get into my office too soon, and my buyer has high expectations, that could be bad for me in the long run. Also this is the first week that I feel like I half know what I'm doing, and I still have a zillion questions!! So ultimately we decided that I would stay another 2 weeks or so, and my trainer would give me EVERYTHING she does on a daily basis. So basically I will be doing the Assistant Buyer job, but just have her for backup when I need it, which will be good!! She said she was going to try to find out tomorrow where they are thinking of placing me, and they aren't going to let me get in with anyone they don't like!!

On a personal note, Brian and I went to Hilton Head last weekend for 4th of July!!! It was awesome and so great to spend so much time with him :)

Ok, time for bed, this girl's gotta be up early now!

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