Monday, July 21, 2008

Only 3 weeks left of training!


No...really. I really really do! I work crazy hours at the beginning of each week (but that means I get to go home early on Fridays)

I get to play with samples and make pretty advertisements!

I get to go to vendor lunches and have $19 crabcakes for free which were the most delicious crabcakes I've ever had. EVER! Then I get to goto vendor meetings and work the Fall and Spring lines.

True, it's not all glamorous. I spend countless hours in front of the computer logging shipments, tracking daily sales, keying purchase orders, uploading price changes, etc etc. But at the end of the day (even 11 hour days like today)....I still really love it. I am challenged, but not in a bad way. In that way that makes you feel exhausted yet FULFILLED at the same time. It's great, I'm so lucky!!

Let's see, what else has been going on at work. It's getting close to the end of training, in fact I have less than 3 weeks left! I should actually be hearing sometime this week if I'm getting placed early or not. If not, I'm not that concerned. I love where I'm training and the more practice I get, the better. But if I get pulled then I'm ready to go!

Last week I got some face time with my DMM (divisional merchandise manager, my buyer's boss). Every Monday morning we have a meeting with her for about 15 minutes to review the best sellers from the previous week Last Monday was my first time "presenting" to her...she asked a few questions, but the good thing was that I was prepared with all the answers. I felt like a rock star after the meeting, and she told me I did a great job, as did my buyer and my coach.

And to confirm my total rockstardom, I got an email from HR this morning telling me that I was chosen to have a store management intern shadow me for 3 hours on Thursday. The good news is that HR thinks highly enough of me to choose me (I was 1 of 5 out of 26 trainees). The bad news is I have to squeeze this in to my already tight tight schedule at work. This week I have so much to do, it's unreal. I have all my assistant buyer duties, on top of all of my training, plus some corporate meetings (legal compliance training, etc). The good news behind all this is that I will probably be out of hours really early on Friday, so I can leave early and head to Richmond! I am excited to see Brian and all my friends!!! :)

Ok, off to bed, I'm beat. More soon, I promise!

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You're slacking off on the blog already!